Bully Hill: Love my Goat – Red Wine Review

love-my-goatBully Hill Vineyards is a New York establishment started in 1958 by Greyton Taylor. Love My Goat Red is Bully Hill’s most popular label which is said to pair well with steak and pasta. We had a chance to pair it with an empty glass and sit down to enjoy. What did we find?

On the nose we detected a lot of red dark fruits, plums rose from the glass along with dark ripe cherries and a bit of mineral earth. The scent of cheddar hit the senses so we pulled out a block of extra sharp and some salted crackers to try it out.

Paired with the sharp cheddar we found Love My Goat Red really brought out a sweet cherry taste. Mellow in taste which makes this a great try for new wine drinkers looking for a suitable table wine with some meaty foods or cheeses. Alone, Love My Goat is a fruitier wine but dulled fruits which play well with the alcohol content (11% ABV) without being “fruit bombs” too typical from the Napa Vally region of California vineyards.

Fruity wines are perfectly fine, very new world in style. Love My Goat has a new world appeal with a slight hint of old world class. You can find this wine for under USD $10.00 and fits well into a party of casual wine drinkers that want something to complement their dinner.

Love My Goat is not going to knock you on your ass in terms of complexity and flavor but makes a great casual table wine. You’ll find it fits the tastes of many wine drinkers, those with more experienced palates may think its a bit sweet and may comment at the darker tan “brandy” coloring to the wine. But, overall, you can’t go wrong when you’re buying under the $10 to $12 price range.


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    e. d. pritchard
    June 23, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    I met Walter Taylor, a charming and talented gentleman in 1989 at Bully Hill and know the story which does not jibe with your description or history. Please try again and get the Goat right.

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      June 23, 2013 at 11:27 pm

      Not really understanding what you mean… you met a person and that means the taste profile we described isn’t correct? Or, am I missing something in the meaning?

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    Kirk Wilson
    October 18, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    You are mistaken about the founder of Bully Hill Winery. Bully Hill was founded by Walter S Taylor, of the Taylor wine family, after CocaCola bought the family business. Walter was appalled by Coke’s winemaking practices, and decided to found his own winery. Coke sued him when he put his name on his labels, contending that Coke owned the rights to the name ‘Taylor’ when associated with wine. Coke won, and Walter was forced to black out his last name on his labels. This led to Walter’s motto:’ they may have my heritage, but they didn’t get my goat’ which appeared on many of his labels. Walter was also a talented painter, and painted many works that were copied and used on his labels. Unfortunately Walter was partially paralyzed in an accident, and several years later died of complications of the accident. I also had the pleasure of meeting Walter at his winery, where he opened bottles of Bully Hill bubbly when he found out we were on our honeymoon. He was truly an original, and , no, Coke never did get his goat.

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