Brand Loyalties: Buying Your Favorite Beverage Brands

When it comes to gift giving and buying accessories for your beer, wine and general drinking needs, do you find you’ll purchase brands you know and love? Or, do you tend to buy brands that you want people to think you know and love.

For instance, I’m a big tequila fan but there are very few good branded tequila shot glasses and accessories. If you’re into Corona, Budweiser and other brands you’ll find it’s fairly easy to purchase something online that will satisfy your branding desires. One such site, awesomedeals911, is a great example of a low-cost online store where you can buy cool gifts for family members or as suggestions to others for your own birthday or holiday.

I have four Corona shot glasses from awesomedeal911 that I can integrate into drinking parties with a mexican theme. They’re not some cheap rip off, but real branded glasses using standardized shot sizes as you’d see in any store. I’m also interested pint glasses and tall pilsner style glasses with a wide array of different brands to help build out a collection for parties, allowing everyone to have a unique glass and remember which is theirs.

This holiday many shoppers will be buying products for their beverage drinking fans and it’s best to buy them something they love. Don’t cheap out and go with a branding store that’s not using official logos and products, you may find they wash off in the dishwasher or, in general, look awful.

I highly suggest starting your gift giving searches early this year, get out on the Net and avoid the lines!


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