Woody Creek White Belgian-Style Wit

Looking for a traditional white ale with crisp taste and lasting appeal? Flying Dog’s Summer Seasonal has hit the market and their wit beer is a great competitor to the likes of Blue Moon, a Canadian brewery company (aka Coors).

This beer has very little aroma on the nose but shows highlights of citrus flavor on the tongue. It’s almost to be expected with the fruity orange color, almost like you’ve squeezed a bag of lemons into a glass. Thankfully it’s not as sour as a bag of lemons, although there is a slight sour bite to the beer.

Woody Creek Wit Beer is a cloudy brew, traditional Belgian in look and feel. You can barely see a silhouette through the glass and it sports a thin white head. You’ll find it very light and carbonated, great for a summer time brew.

Flying Dog continues their presentation with a crazy bottle using sky blue coloring. The beer shows its summer presentation in scent, taste and bottle design. It holds up great against Belgian style beers, extremely well crafted for an American brew company far off from the Belgian homeland.

Flying Dog has shown us you don’t have to be raised in an Abby to craft a traditional wit bier.


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