Brave Spirits: At Ease Rum Review

If you’re a light rum drinker and you live in the United States, you may be happy to hear Brave Spirits has recently shipped their first rum product. After receiving their latest press release it seemed only right to test it for ourselves and see if it holds up against other rums in the industry.

Compared to rums like Bacardi, you’ll instantly notice the smell is a warmer, gentler scent without the sharp alcoholic barrage of the nasal passages. At Ease rum is 40% alcohol by volume, as you’d expect, but is a bit easier on your pallet. You’ll also find this distilled beverage a bit sweeter than the competitors, making it a happy addition to any tiki bar drink or fruity fresh summer cocktail.

Most importantly, the Brave Spirit company donates $2.00 from every purchase to charities that support the men and women of Americans military, fire departments and police departments.

This product is about relaxing.  It is about being off-duty.  It is about letting the job and stress melt away.  This is a weekend pass.  It is R&R. It is optimistic. This is about good times while always being respectful of the uniform.

At Ease rum is highly competitive with other light rums and offers the same experience with a slightly sweeter taste. If you live in the United States and go out of your way to buy 100% American made products than this is a no brainer. It’s made using sugarcane from the American Sunbelt and left in old bourbon casks in sunny Florida where it picks up some of its sweetness.

The bottle is cool, very “boxy” and sharp which goes against the grain compared to other distilled spirits in your local liquor store. However, it shows off pride in its silhouette of a standing soldier; buy all their brands and you’ve got yourself beverages waiting at attention for you to sip. Although, artistically, the bottle isn’t going to win any awards, it’s designed with a specific symbolic representation and you can’t fault them for it.

Because of its sweeter smell and taste this beverage handles well in a tropical drink, Polynesian recipe or other tiki bar cocktail. You really can’t go wrong with a beverage that tastes good, gives back to those whom protect us and mixes well in a cocktail (especially for those of us that aren’t big on shots of rum).

Definitely check it out.


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