Woodstock Inn Brewery: Red Rack Ale

Woodstock Inn Brewery: Red Rack AleWould you be amazed to find out Red Rack Ale pours a copper red? Probably not. Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery makes some very nice beverages, such as their Pigs Ear which we reviewed a few months back. This amber colored ale is a must try when your in the northern New Hampshire area, I urge you to visit the Station & Brewery for a nice burger and a beer.

Out of the gate I knew this beer would have a bitter finish, pouring it left a little spicy tingle which made me think ‘bitter.’ The beer is lightly carbonated with a thin white head which leaves a white halo on the surface after roughly 30 seconds from the pour. Initially, you’ll get a hint of spices and malts with this medium bodied brew ending with a very slight bite.

The master of this brew isn’t in its huge complex tastes but in its excellent balance of malts and bitters. It’s 5.5% ABV and is a great introduction to beer drinkers looking to expand their styles of drinking. It’s a little bitter for folks who are into lighter style Pilsners or seasonal, but has a medium body which is easy to drink.

This beer is a great addition to the Woodstock Inn Brewery’s selection because its a bit more aggressive than their wheat ale, not as strong as their Pale Ale and lighter in malts than their Pigs Ear. Red Rack Ale is the style of beer which is worth the purchase and repurchase when you’ve finished your first six-pack. I’ve had smoother beers, but honestly, sometimes you’re not in the mood for a smooth beer and want something a bit more exciting.


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    […] and goes well with many of the menu options. Although they’ve got classic ales like the Red Rack Ale which is sure to complement a meal. What I found odd was the patrons of the restaurant ordering […]

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