A Different Style Drinking Game: Beer Game

My wife, the “Casual Gamer Chick,” reviewed an oddball flash game today, something a bit different from the flash gaming genre. You’re a carbonated bubble and you gotta collect all the carbonation around you to stop the beer from going flat. It’s a fast paced game, might be best suited for playing after a few beers (ironically).

There are evil bubbles on the lose and they are making beer flat. Since nobody wants their beer to be flat, players need to collect all of the bubbles. The bubbles cause the POW meter to grow. The POW meter allows players to “flush” the beer and get rid of the flat bubbles. Flushing the beer raises the BS meter, otherwise known as the Beer Strength meter.

The one neat thing about flash game development and casual games, you can pretty much create anything you want if you’ve got the skill, time and a creative touch. I think it would be very nice to have even more drinking games created in flash.

Perhaps we need a Beer Pong flash game or naked twister, oh wait… that’s not beer related. Click here to play Beer Game!

(Thanks, CasualGamerChick)


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