Older Drinkers Don’t Know Their Limit?

DrunkA new survey from YouGov finds older people forget their ‘limit’ when it comes to excessive drinking than our youth…at least in the United Kingdom. Europeans may have different drinking habits than us in the United States but people tend to have the same habits, so this might be one of them. There is some stereotypes that say UK folks can drink most countries under the table (I’m sure Germany is right up their in contention) but would older people in the UK differ that much from older folks here in the US?

The survey found 44% of 30 to 50-year-olds admitted to drinking too much at times compared to their younger counter part where only 40% had the same issue. Granted, that’s only 4% but you’d think we’d learn as we got older that drinking to excess is a bad idea.

Stack on top of this problem the fact that our older bodies don’t take it as well as they did when they were young. You’re more likely to wake up feeling like utter crap the next day and, more than likely, you’ll be getting up in the morning for work. A college kid may drink to excess because they know the next day is a sleep-in day (late classes) or a day off. Many older people don’t have the luxury to take a few days off to recover; I don’t know about you but if I go out on a late night of drinking I feel bad for at least two days afterwards.

Not being able to function the next day is a job killer and nobody wants to be reprimanded for drinking too much. “You often hear people saying they feel worse after drinking the older they get – as you age, the body isn’t as good at dealing with alcohol.” (4ni.co.uk)


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