Fancy Wine Corkscrews – Antique Style

Looking for an antique style wine bottle opener which would fit well in a stylish house for a family that you think has everything? They don’t even need to drink wine to be impressed by the Wine Enthusiast Legacy Corkscrew (Antique Bronze). Not only does it look impressive but it’s functional as a wine opener using the lever style easy-to-use system. Clamp on the bottle, pull down, pull up, let sit and drink!

The only problem with having easy access to a bottle of wine is how easy it will be to drink it. This is a product I would think to buy for a holiday gift but might want to keep it for myself to impress my guests this holiday season. Or, maybe I should buy two, one for me and one for my secret Santa this year?

My only complaint, it’s a bit on the pricey side but it looks so impressive and old that perhaps it’s justified. As Billy Joel once said

“A bottle of white, a bottle of red
Perhaps a bottle of rose instead
We’ll get a table near the street
In our old familiar place
You and I, face to face”

Anyway, I digress, check it out for yourself!


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