Holiday Season, Unfriendly To Your Weight?

If you’re like me, you’ll be saying to yourself “I’ll lose this weight after the holidays.” I’m not going to over-eat mind you, but I may partake in a few additional beers which I’d normally not consume on an average week.

You can drink a few light beers but what do you consider “a few” when it comes to drinking around the table on New Years, Christmas or any other seasonal party? Is it two? Is it four?

I find I drink less if I stick to drinking a beer that is heavier on the stomach or makes me feel more “full.” In my case, a Guinness makes me feel as if I just ate a full turkey dinner but for some of my friends… they drink it like water. You may also opt to drink a beverage you like but cannot drink in volumes because “one is enough.” For some people, that’s a wheat beer… you like them but not that much.

Wine drinkers may get a bit of a reprieve because they’ll be consuming less, in general, since the alcohol content is pretty high per glass and you could end up passing out with less calories under your belt than someone drinking screwdrivers (175 calories), Pina Colada (140 calories) or two shots of Baileys in your beverage for roughly 270 calories (citynews.ca)

“Have some red wine, and toast 85-119 calories, depending on your glass. (White wine is close – 94-116 calories). Live the Miller High Life or guzzle a Molson and it will cost you around 143-150 calories for a single can.” (citynews.ca)

Depending on your perspective you may opt to drink more calories and eat less food, but remember, an extra serving of turkey or chicken may have more nutritional value than an extra serving of beer or mixed drink. The additional protein is needed by your body more than the additional alcohol you’ll be putting down in a 20 oz. beer or 12 oz. Eggnog and Brandy.

I’m not telling you to avoid any potential good times, I’m just trying to put it all in perspective as you set your annual New Years resolution to lose a few pounds; your liver will like you for it.


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