Holiday Gifts: Shot Glasses!

Another great holiday gift this year? Shot glasses! These may complement a bigger gift, say a bottle of Cabo Wabo Tequila or a crystal clear vodka. We’re not talking about a single shot glass, unless it’s really fancy, but a set of shotglasses or a few custom designed shot glasses.

We checked out Discount Mugs and they have some pretty sweet custom shot glasses. They also have some hot looking Brandy Snifters, beer mugs and other beautiful glasses. We’re not affiliated with this store but we tripped over it doing some holiday shopping (or considerations) and it looks like an impressive site.

We also took a glance at other personalized shot glass websites that may be worth a deeper scan. You don’t have to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah to need a personalized glass but it would make a grea addiction to a gift basket or something.

If the gift is for a tequila drinker you could put in some high end tequila with a few cactus designed shot glasses, a margarita mixer and some salt or do up a full brandy kit or rum kit. The options are limited only by your creativity.


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