47 Pound Rooster Central Coast Merlot

HRM Rex Goliath’s Giant 47 Pound Rooster is a cheap merlot which may be a great experimental red wine if you’re new to red’s and want to try a merlot. The average price will be between $6.00 and $7.99 at your local wine seller (or grocery store in some states). Not the most elegant wine, true, but it’s got a great label and a worthwhile taste.

The taste is complex enough to show you what a merlot tastes like, although initially it will be a bit bitter it will finish with a less potent taste. At 13% alcohol by volume you’ll find this a great value for the dollar. If you’re not a fan of merlot you’ll find this wine doesn’t fit your taste.

We really love this wine. Soft, supple, and complex. There is a certain elegance to this wine that fits our vision of the perfect Merlot: Pretty and seductive with a decidedly spicy nose of black cherry, cassis and cedar. Very ripe and round, almost like a Jolly Rancher candy. Mouth-filling flavors of plums, cherries and wild red berries dominate from start to finish. Good seam of acidity paired with soft tannins make this a wonderful wine for game fowl such as pheasant or duck. Try a nicely roasted Rock Cornish Game Hen…yum! – Winemaker Michael Kafka

This 47 Pound Rooster has won awards for its taste and value. It’s easy to make a cheap wine but it’s hard to make a cheap wine that tastes like a quality wine. 47 Pound Rooster will go well with everything from Pizza to Spaghetti to a night on the town without busting your wallet open.

You can buy a merlot for the USD $12.00 to $25.00 or more and many will be worth the value but you could spend way more than you should for a wine of mediocre taste. Start small, try a glass or two of REX Goliath’s 47 Pound Rooster. If anything, the name will make you chuckle!


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