Sam Smith Brewery: Nut Brown Ale

If you’re looking for a top shelf beer, love a good brown ale, Sam Smith’s Nut Brown Ale is one of the best in the business. Prepare yourself for a silk smooth brown ale and for the sticker shock that follows.

In New Hampshire, you’re looking at a 4-pack price of $10.99 for this lovely brew… and that’s your standard 333ml (12-oz) bottle size.

What it does have, however, is a smooth well balanced taste and a rich red-brown color that speaks volumes. Nut Brown Ale has a thick but not too large healthy white head which urges you to take a sip.

We at Eveyday Drinkers have had arguments on which is better, Abita Turbo Dog or Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale but it’s really up to the pallet and the wallet to decide.

What makes a brown ale? It’s a malty beer made with dark or brown malts notable in regions like England, Belgium and even right here in North America! You’ll find a brown ale can be sweet medium bodied beer with around 5.0% alcohol by volume (on average) with a hint of chocolate malty awesomeness. Some brown ale recipes are a bit more bitter but none seem to have any harsh bite to the, just enough to be considered perfect.

“There have been brown beers around for hundreds of years. The term ‘Brown Ale’ was first used commercially at the beginning of the twentieth century in England as a bottled beer since the diffusion of bottles was increasing. It was just a sweeter version of a dark mild beer. North American brown ales trace their heritage to American home brewing adaptations of certain northern English beers.” (wikipedia)

If you like a stronger beer with a darker color or higher alcohol content, a brown ale may not be what you’re looking for (try an IPA for something stronger or a stout Guinness for something darker). When choosing a brown you’ll be able to find something that’s a bit bitter or sweet, strong or light and a bit malty and/or hoppy. The choice is yours.

I, however, choose Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale for my malty beverage of choice. And, if you’re looking for a holiday gift, this is a great beer to hand out for the holidays!


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