JW Dundee’s American Pale Ale

JW Dundee American Pale AleIf you’re into a beer with hops, this might be one to try! After reading up on our write-up explain what is a hop, you’ll have more fun enjoying this brew.

I was taken by surprise when I was able to screw off the cap, not something I’d expect from a micro-brew style beer. However, not having a beer opener on me it was a pleasant surprise indeed. JW Dundee’s American Pale Ale is 5.3% alcohol by volume and JW Dundee says this about their beer:

“A wonderfully balanced true pale ale. Cascade, Tomahawk and Amarillo hops create a citrusy aroma with a smooth, crisp finish. A subdued malt character nicely compliments the hop complexity and produces an orangey amber hue. ” (jwdundee.com)

What we’re talking about here is a hoppy beer with very little bitter aftertaste. The use of cascade and amarillo hops may be why this is considered an “American” pale ale (besides being brewed in New York). A cascade hop is a citrus-like hop developed at Oregon State University in 1956 and probably adds the potent citrus flavor to the brew.

To add a bit of bitter they’ve worked in a Tomahawk hop which is categorized as a bitter hop. However, unlike some stronger bitter beers this Pale Ale is subtle in its bite. A newbie beer drinking trying to find a smooth hop flavored beer should be urged to try DW Dundee’s American Pale Ale.

After pouring it, I was welcomed with a 1-inch foamy head and invited with small bubbly carbonation. If you don’t want to be burping all night, you may want to cut down your intake of this Pale Ale. The color is a rich gold which makes the beer look like a high breed microbrew IPA. The complex attack of hops and hint of caramel will make any beer love gitty.

This isn’t the greatest India Pale Ale I’ve consumed but it’s well worth its lower cost and is a great introduction for new beer tasters. The higher alcohol content is due to the name, IPA, as India Pale Ale style beers usually are stronger due to the history of why the British invented such a beverage, but that’s another story…

JW Dundee’s American Pale Ale is an Everyday Drinkers recommended beverage, buy it, try it and enjoy. Cheers!


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